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Full name: Canadiana Kasha Star

We got Kasha before we knew a lot about shepherds and we lucked out. 

She has a very sweet temperament and we trust her with anyone. She has 

fantastic coloring and passed all OFA testing with flying colors. Its been a 

bit difficult to figure out her exact bloodlines but we believe she has both

American and German bloodlines.


Full name: Avonlea's Invicta Jirkova "Kova" 

80 pounds of a very sweet tempered dog with full Czechoslovakian bloodlines!

As soon as he is old enough he will be the official stud dog of Avonlea

assuming all tests go the way we want them to. 


Full name: Avonlea's Aspen von der Weizenfelder

Aspen is a very good natured dog with West German 

show lines and Czechoslovakian bloodlines. She is a medium

drive dog with a very sweet temper. She loves children and 

gets along with all dogs.

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